It is clear to get the Black and white in photography may be despair, even to be complex and varied, however, the result is not always at the height of what we hope and filled the professional design, photography and advertising.

The star program of Adobe, Photoshop, different alternatives are given to achieve such an effect, however, the images that we get with this effect could go far beyond the result obtained.

Once we have dealt with and under own intuition, trying to master a professional creative technique that on several occasions to finish by spreading. The b/n does not get excellently with simple techniques such as: Desaturate, image > Settings > Black and white or image > Settings > Greyscale; Alternatively, settings> Image > Hue and saturation > Desaturate, etc.

A renowned photographer of Hollywood celebrities tells us a revolutionary method, the Greg Gorman method, in recognition of his contribution to the world of the image.

The images of Greg Gorman have filled important covers of International journals and magazines like: Rolling StoneTimeVanity Fair o Life.

The American professional combines different techniques and procedure in a complementary manner, leading to art photography. Use modes such as: RGB, Multiply, Color LabLevels, Luminosity, Greyscale, SelectionsShadows, Channels, Solid layersCurves, Overly, Opacity, High-pass and Adjustment of tones, etc.

Get the black and white in photography


Then, juanjook explains in detail an example of how to apply the method Greg Gorman for an image of our trips:

1. Convert the image into Lab Color.
2. Now select the layer luminosity.
3. Then, change the imagen into Grayscale Mode.
4. Click on the Gray Channel, and then invert the Selection to set the shadows.

Inverted shadows


5. Now create a New Layer of solid black color

Filters Adobe Photoshop

High Pass filter

6. Modify the opacity of the New layer into 80%.
7. Select as Blending Mode Multiply in the New Fill layer.
8. Now you must set the Solid layer with a New Curves Adjustment Layer or Level Layer.
9. Later you must then create a combination of all previous layers:
Press: Ctrl+Alt+May+E
10. Now you must place the new layer into Overlay Mode with an Opacity of 20%
11. Finally, apply High Pass filter with a radius of 50px.

High pass photography


12. After that, adjust the tones of the created layer. Merge if it is grey with values: 50/70   185/205
13. And now to fish, modify manually any of the curves, levels, fill or opacity parameters.

Greg Gorman Effect in photography


Once following all these steps, you will have obtained a creative way of images in black and white mode, totally professional. recommends the use of current processes and techniques and different, adjusted to the times and true experts in graphics and advertising communication of our days.