You’ve probably wondered if a serious professional crisis pummels the advertising world. Do I get to face the elements, media, low fares, customers and new trends in the sector?

Both creativity and advertising world are going through a moment of immobility. The responsible for creativity of La Nave Agency, Juanjook, attends a unique event which involved Eva Álvarez.

On November 15, 2014 the person in charge of theCreative Department de La Nave Agency attended a dinner-speech of the creative Eva Álvarez, professional innovation and owner of “When Sally met Sally”, organized by ACREA, the Association of creators of Alicante.

Juanjook joins the Atomic 2 by Eva Álvarez


The speech took place in La Jarela, a restaurant in the centre of Alicante (Spain) in which an interesting reflection took place about how to reinvent itself in the professional world and, as a successful advertising and communication manager at Contrapunto BBDO, proposed to make a radical turn to his life.

Combining techniques of personal coaching with the reading of the work of Ken Robinson, Eva Álvarez finishes that get something own, exclusive and staff could potentially serve to provide the context in which professional values you find.

Eva found a series of solid bases on the advertising world, creativity, design, art, etc. at all times argued that there was a “critical situation in the business model”, “which was not already paid by generating ideas, but productions and performances of pieces”. In these times of professional uncertainty, Eva Álvarez didn’t intend to fight against the crisis, but that “if she couldn’t she should find other ways to not die trying”.

Eva Álvarez attends the Atomic 2 of ACREA


Between good wine, cheek and sophisticated vegetarian menu, photographers, dentists, architects and designers assistants continued explanations and sensations living there, sharing experiences and watching as the time and space had attached, for about 3 hours to interested by coworking, innovation, teamwork and shared professional knowledge.

Juanjook in the Atomic 2 with Eva Álvarez


The use of different techniques and methods, procedures and creative exercises,  fusion of games based on experiences were driving to attendees at a series of reflections about where to focus our purpose as people and professionals from different sectors.

Juanjook also gave attendees their own experiences on the advertising situation in our days. He obtained important conclusions of the great professional who exposed at that time and he was left with a rich context for the capacity for improvisation, reinvention, optimism. All these elements are essential at a time of great instability. Eva Álvarez said that we are in a tumultuous time, where advertising professionals may be able to reincarnate us in almost anything but a predefined purpose.