Month: December 2015

The London Design Museum is a worth visit

One of the most incredible places next to the Thames has permanent and temporary collections of icons of design, decorative arts, furniture and recognized objects of industrial production….

Juanjook runs along the Route of the Comic and the Art Nouveau in Brussels

After intense days of family reunions and culinary excesses of all kinds, White holidays say goodbye to a year full of illusion and prospects of a recovery that…

Free stock photos. Are you sure about the images you upload?

Have you ever thought if the photographs or images that you use in your website, blog, graphic design, presentation, report, yearbook, etc.

Visual identity. What should my Brand Manual contain?

Once you have reached to ask if logos have own life? if sometimes they change their appearance depending on the medium in which they reproduce, but on the…

Excellent web fonts!

Is it true that there are fonts designed specifically for the web? Once have you reached to question if serif fonts or modern fonts operate properly on paper…

Learning how to layout – bases of publishing layout-

Surely at some point you’ve raised why many print publications are common or consistent elements on most of its pages?