Month: August 2015

Guillotina impresión Artes Gráficas

Recommendations in the print-ready artwork and creative production

Moments before the beginning of a printing project, is advisable that the designer, art director, illustrator or creative learn more about background the finishes and materials with those…

Punto de partida y Ritmo visual

Points of entry and Rhythm in design and layout

In front of a design, creative piece, web page, or visual element, our field of vision is focused, unconsciously, toward a point where highlights the typography, the only…

CSS3 logo

Confessions of a CSS3 addict

Today, we are all aware that the majority of websites must meet a set of standards regarding code, accessibility and usability. Therefore, that browsers will understand that programming…

Revista Emigre diseño

The bases in design by Zuzana Licko and Emigre

What at least understood in design has not been able to locate the Vanguards of this discipline on one of the famous couples of the past and present…

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