Last Friday 21/02/2014 the responsible for creativity of with the Manager of La Nave Agency visited, with great interest, the Fifth Edition of the iDaySocial Networks and Online Marketing Event  held in Alicante University.

IDay Alicante University


In front of enriching and attractive surroundings, the day passed between the communication and marketing professionals. Surrounded by great experts in advertising, display advertising, public relations, digital journalism, content marketing, and even experts in SEO and SEM.

The Hall of Optics Faculty of the UA hosted a meeting with full of insightful first-hand experiences and contributions. Practical cases from Madrid, points of view from Alicante or tips from Catalonia more than recommended in our day to day with customers are just some of the keys to the past iDay.

Alfonso Bastida and Cristian Helmont, CEO of the magazine Marketing-Case-Studies-Interviews-Tips, started their speech from a premise: ‘How to make an effective marketing’.
From a realistic and effective process about the big problems in the creation of advertising campaigns, they emphasized in the search and the need to review the analysis, strategies, aims and assessment of conclusions in the advertising and creative process. In addition, they asserted that it was the own message, its value and wealth, what was at stake in SEO, Marketing, Communication and Advertising, above the web traffic or graphic design.



They listed a series of key in the purchase process conditions the customer in a big way and sometimes, some aspects are in small details.
The solid base on where to build the sales arguments must always be the advertising common sense:

  • provides confidence and pursues future loyalty
  • adopts a detailed decision
  • try to move to action and persuades always guarantees
IDay Alicante Marketing Creativity


The topics in Marketing also had their place during the meeting of the iDay, besides being almost usual in our daily work with clients. Alfonso and Cristian developed before the public 3 premises to analyze standard all action of MK that are put in front of our eyes.

  1. Good what less!: topics, common sense and information not provided.
  2. Who can more be said?: resource or claim not creative, ineffective.
  3. Test of stud and annotation: Place another logo, competition, instead of which appears in the graphics, design, promo, advertisement, etc.

*Try it now with any brand, graphic, design or communication piece.

The speech ended with significant progress on the new rules of the advertising online ROI.

IDay Alicante Marketing new findings


After them, José Luís Santana Blasco, freelance SEO in, relieved his colleague and made ofGoogle + the main star of the evening.

IDay Alicante Google+ Tips


From the first minutes of his speech, he insisted the Google Social Network, still unknown. Today it is currently essential to master it to achieve a search engine positioning and optimal online reputation.

The professional social networks insisted that Google tries to do with a system of architecture of information obtained personal information to perform personalized advertising and, therefore, more efective. It is Facebook which currently has this possibility. SEO in private searches, in your interests, your hobbies, friends, family, preferences etc. is the great niche so that the least exploited social network, start to climb positions facing Facebook and Twitter.

IDay Alicante Google statistics


‘Be a reference profile of information and content of ongoing interest is what Google rewards when it comes to positioning sites’

Google takes in account recommendations, advice, aid, arguments or the positive reviews on blogs, websites, or online portals if they redirected traffic to your site directly.

The search results is displayed where the title and with highlighted, in addition to theuse of hashtags, links in the title, employment of great images, alt and title in photographs and, above all, understand Google as a blog that is structured into paragraphs, you can help us to better understand this network with an unknown dimension. In addition, both personal profiles, business, communities and circles help that the Page Rank and the level of indexing are consolidated into the main search engine we know today.

IDay Alicante and Google+


‘Google in 2014 remains a niche, a remarkable opportunity that we must explore and experiment to achieve a performance almost unbelievable marketing and advertising’

Juanjook recommendeds at all times consider some different techniques that these great gurus, with whom I had the pleasure of sharing impressions, commented that day. In addition to trying to strengthen relationships with customers, consumer, agency, public and potentials, through marketing plans online, SEO or SEM involving updates tailored to a reality as dynamic as the algorithm of Google.

The 2nd part of the event, with the speeches and the conclusions you will follow the next week in a new post that will complete this part.