Long ago and, reinforced by the calendar (mainly the Gregorian, best known by us), much firms, enterprises, companies and advertisers give everything in it comes to creative bet.

Creatividad Pollo San Valentín

fuente: Sr.Smith Publicidad

A tradition and so human emotion, love, has been and continues to be source of inspiration for parts, designs and advertising campaigns so notable that they are capable of a creative way to commemorate these ‘tender’ dates.

Cabina de teléfonos  Love

fuente: Karen Roe

Saint Valentine’s day shows a historical and creative date completely varied, admirable and sometimes admirable for our emotions to the surface. Different professionals in the advertising, marketing, photography, design and art address new techniques, resources, connotations, or twists that love can even cause at the target, making this event an element which benefit from cinemas, restaurants, agencies, malls or flowers in the corner.

Fondo de pantalla creativo San Valentín

fuente: Eddi

So different resources and used as: humor, wit, fantasy, seduction, comic, humor or sex are, really, of the most used in most creative pieces that we see on a daily basis so passionate now.

Corazón diseño gráfico San Valentín

fuente: Brett Jordan

Online media, direct marketing, offline advertising or interior design offer numerous professional opportunities for creative copywriters, art directors and photographers can succeed with their sweethearts in the wanted target. We know that the love is one more excuse to develop concepts, claims, lateral thoughts or rain of ideas that maybe Cupid never came to have wet dreams centuries ago.

San Valentín técnicas creatividad

fuente: D. Sharon Pruitt

Easily identifiable by the public and professionals, the typical topics are a constant in advertising today. The use of women sexy, attractive colour ranges, male faces impossible or enforced situations make numerous graphic pieces will devise as a joy for the senses beyond the table prepared with a weak candle in a full frame is passion.

Romantic.fm creatividad San Valentín

fuente: Patricia Gimeno

From juanjook.com  intend to pay tribute to someone who is capable of transmitting values shared by all of us almost every day: passion, positivity, joy, optimism, understanding, jealousy, friendship, etc. Practically throughout this week, Valentine accompanies us and encouraged to participate in a context where public partners, users, Twitter users and media require creative advertising pieces that are capable of meeting their needs so passionate now.

San Valentín diseño

fuente: Brett Jordan

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