Friday, February 21, 2014 the head of the Creative Department of went to the fifth edition of the iDayEvent of Social Networks and Online Marketing  developed in the University of Alicante The context where different areas of marketing and communication professionals shared their knowledge was quite enriching and fruitful. Entrepreneurs and gurus of the SEO and SEM, display advertising, e-commerce and social networking gave their best in an afternoon to remember. The event took place in the Hall of the Faculty of Optics. From Alicante optimistic views, from Madrid pragmatic visions and realistic contributions from Catalonia were considered from the outset by attendees to the V iDay.

Laura Rivas positioning V IDay Alicante


Laura Ribas, on “How to sell with email marketing” from, established from the start that Email Marketing is the least grateful online marketing tool. Also, stressed the high segmentation, the adaptive capacity of advertising campaigns and marketing and identify who click on these pieces made of the Email Marketing a huge challenge to explore.

Laura Rivas talked about SEO in the V IDay Alicante

His speech continued focusing on a key point: generate a hook and a huge credibility in the user, client, purchaser in such a way that is reduce product or service sales cycle. The objective, is certainly not to mention yourself, but provide useful and quality content in a 80% and just a 20% focus on speaking about oneself.Clearly adapt your website to your sales process should the top priority in Email Marketing.

The purpose of all Newsletter should be perseverance and the clear identification of the problem the client in a few minutes. Therefore, the  calls to action, strategies and actions of programming mails, measured matters and the presence of a professional who is interested in the needs of the client are basic for which the electronic feedback not be so artificial and cold at the same time.


Iñaki Tovar talked about SEO V IDay University of Alicante


Iñaki Tovar, from, used common sense and humor 3.0 to define a set of key concepts in our daily work with the TIC’s:

  • web architecture
  • credibility
  • usability
  • persuasion

The selection of a CMS optimal and cohesive, for example: Magento, Prestashop, WordPress or others, and the monthly update must identify all content management since its inception commercial or advertising platform.

Iñaki Tovar SEO and SEM techniques IDay Alicante


The importance of the psychology of color, the Responsive Design, the proper use of the Cookies of user, consider the Web analytics, the bounce rate, design of Landing pages, filter reviews, legal aspects, partners are, today in our work the key to keep in mind to complete a successful web project.

Following this, he established persuasion projects online as a determining factor for the calls to action. The use of icons, buttons, simple images, landings, simple layout, optimized code, formulas and expressions,… should be considered by programmers and web designers to configure web strong and credible proposals for sale online.

María Redondo SEO SEM IDay University of Alicante


To conclude, María Redondo, through your, said in his speech “SEO and Social Networks” the key to separate search engines and social media management never can be understood. At the same time, he said, and discussed on the recent alteration of the Google algorithms, that it clearly influence the position, page rank and rating of all web site.

Speakers IDay 5 Alicante


From  turns to recommend at all times the use of different and valuable techniques that these and other professionals, with whom I exchanged impressions, made it clear that iDay V. Also increase relations with our potential customers through Social Media, Email Marketing or Marketing Online Plans, along with updates to the algorithms of Google should be almost mandatory.