The last Saturday 8 March 2015, feast of the “Day of the working woman”, at 7:30 pm. held the Pecha Kucha Night Alicante (Spain) vol. 5. At the event attended by responsible for Art Direction of, joining the group of designers, interior designers, photographers and professionals in the graphic arts who gathered there.

Juanjook in the Pecha Kucha Night vol. 5


The famous speakers format takes place in close of 710 cities all over the world.

20 images x 20 seconds each configured the basic rules of this popular format of presentation public and specifically 9 were the professionals that attended that day at that busy  agora of La Fnac.

Pecha Kucha is a Japanese idea converted and adapted in a format’s success, full of good ideas and personal experiences.


Juanjook visited the Pecha Kucha Night vol. 5 Alicante


Designers, cowordkers, bloggers, amateur, interior designers artists, scientists, experts in social media and other groups have highlighted a style, argumentation, personal line and professionalism that filled with attendees at the Fnac of the Centre of Alicante (Spain).

Juanjook participates in the Pecha Kucha Night vol. 5 Alicante


María Dolores Mulá drove us, through his exhibition at the Lonja de Alicante (Spain) “La Nada”, to rediscover the simple things of life, against material, superfluous, or economic assets. A clear full full of spirit and reactivation message of optimism of a new stage is key today.


María Dolores Mulá in Pecha Kucha Night vol. 5


On the other hand, María Andés, interior designer and manager of, based his presentation on a typical topic that passes for the public on numerous occasions. “What really motivates us to choose a place to enjoy a coffee and why it is so difficult choice.

María Andés in Pecha Kucha Night vol. 5


Soon after it was Laura Segovia,, who took the witness of María Andés. Laura is defined as an off-road professional who knew, in his speech, set from the Law, Psychology, Coaching, Music and Blogging, the best of herself to reveal the true power of the ComunicAction amongst ourselves. “Motivate to action is strong.”

Laura Segovia in the Pecha Kucha Night vol. 5


The fifth edition of Pecha Kucha Night could not ignore the unknown world of 3D printers, and was hand of Carlos and Paco, from CMD + 3D print. A new concept, a new industrial revolution that will not leave indifferent, even the more adventurous to the offline world. “A structure open and free collaboration where the technical complexity is put at the service of the professionals”.

CMD + 3D Print in Pecha Kucha Night vol. 5


Then, Luís Miguel Gutiérrez, biochemist at the University Miguel Hernández of Elche (Spain) UMH researcher for the Institute of Neurociencias  managed, with true agility, to approximate two antagonistic concepts: Science and art. “The solution to scientific problems could explore through techniques and artistic creations”. Quite a challenge.

Luis Miguel Gutiérrez in Pecha Kucha Night vol. 5


David Jiménez, architect and landscape architect, established the principle of the memory as the main engine to create and develop professional projects. Personal experiences, anecdotes and all that “here and now” of her childhood have been key in many works of construction, research or computer graphics. “The memory as inspiring element”.

David Jiménez went to Pecha Kucha Night vol. 5


Gaëlle Maurelli, self-defined as an artist, she knew how to combine his passion for art with the short story, drawing, poetry and monologue.

Gaëlle Maurelli in the Pecha Kucha Night vol. 5

source: juanjook

The guys of Zeit, a group of professionals of the branding, tried to give light to the McLuhan’s concept “the medium is the message”. After investing concepts, provide points of view, ideas, projections and perspectives, the response was set up after a set of own studies throughout his presentation.

Zeit visits the Pecha Kucha Night vol. 5 Alicante


María G. Javaloyes finished with her Quilombo project ensuring that it marked a turning point in his life as an architect and decided to promote a new cultural proposal for the city of Elche (Spain). “Openness and desire to share experiences, knowledge and putting culture at the disposal of all composing its axis”.

María G. Javaloyes in Pecha Kucha Night vol. 5


From (and as a member of ACREA) reiterate my congratulations to the components of ACREA (Association of Creators from Alicante) for the excellent work developed at the event. The presence in social networks managed to be a benchmark in the province of Alicante. Attendees, speakers and organizers are counting the days for the next edition of Pecha Kucha Night. From I invite all those who wish to continue initiatives to share knowledge and experiences with professionals from different disciplines.

Juanjook and ACREA in Pecha Kucha Night vol. 5