Is it true that there are fonts designed specifically for the web? Once have you reached to question if serif fonts or modern fonts operate properly on paper do it in the same way on screen?

After the emergence of the Internet, different creative web developers, designers, and webmasters should create sites online with a reduced family of pre-installed fonts in their systems. However, there are solutions for web professionals, due to that it can expand the range of typeface available for screens as we known today.

Typography for your web site


The fact that the fonts are embedded in on our website and we do not have to use secure fonts as: Verdana, Trebutchet o Georgia, do today to become a resource that several studies of communication and advertising use to create their projects online.

Enable the resource @font-face under CSS allows us to be able to download the font you want hosted on an online server, so that the chosen source can be envisioned in any browser and platform, regardless if the user has it located on his operating system.

Using the label @font-face we can have legally fonts with licensed use.

We still remember the 1.0 web fonts, as the Verdana or the Georgia, launched by Microsoft in 1996. These fonts were created specifically for the Internet, but with the advent of embedded fonts, together with Arial, Century Gothic or Comic Sans, became the first “types” that could be used in the digital medium.

However, can ask users an incredible application and practice for testing fonts (serif and sans-serif) on any web site. It serves, above all for check how the visual appearance of a website would change without touching the source code of the page. Some useful resources that we have would be as follows:


Therefore, the use of secure and non-secure fonts on our websites will become one limitation lower due to news, resources and opportunities available to designers and 3.0 webmasters. We recommend the use of the application @font-face so that the h1, h2, h3, body texts or text blocks have the desired look. the desired look. Regardless if the user owns it in its Fonts folder.