What at least understood in design has not been able to locate the Vanguards of this discipline on one of the famous couples of the past and present industry? Design and Visual Arts would not be what they are without the birth of Emigre and her founder, Zuzana Licko.

Emigre Magazine Design

source: Daniel X. O’Neil

The Slovak professional in a short time moved to the United States with a particular purpose. Devote himself to his true passion, graphic design and visual representation. The country of the great opportunities for Europeans was waiting for her.

Print and print Layout

source: See-ming Lee

But it will be near the year 1984 when one of the milestones of graphic design see the light and become the true benchmark for professionals around the world.

Emigre borns, company fully specialized in typographic design.

Emigre Design magazine

source: Daniel X. O’Neil

Rudy VanderLans and Zuzana, married since 1983, they begin their path and coincide with the launch of a revolution in the visual, computer industry and design.

In those years arises Macintosh.

On the table the only ingredients that could ensure the success at that time. The creative pair was at the right time and with the media completely at your disposal.

Rudy VanderLans graphic design Emigre Magazine

source: Nazareth College

In a couple of years the design project was growing and settling between practitioners and experts in the discipline. The emergence of the first Postscript vector fonts and the visual fonts allowed a rapid consolidation of the project.

The typography used by Emigre focused on the taste for detail, good taste, sophistication and formality. Paying tribute to great classic font creators, complemented with modern forms and style themselves.

Emigre Magazine logo

source: jm3 on Flickr

Refinement, classicism, unique style, the outstanding personality and other characteristics made avant-garde pieces created by Licko an icon to see from those years.

The same co-founder de Emigre has a set of fonts as tribute and personal contribution to the world of graphic design. Among them are worth mentioning:

Emigre fontface Magazine

source: FontShop

Philosophy (Zuzana Licko, 1996)

Matrix (Zuzana Licko, 1986)

Variex (Zuzana LickoRudy VanderLans, 1988)

Its most notable publication, Emigre, serves the purpose of communicating the professional situation where the two designers were arriving at North America. Allusions to its state of immigrants in a land of possibilities for art and design, allowed for inspiration since they trod the soil of the United States.

Muestras diseño gráfico Emigre

source: FontShop

From juanjook.com also try to provide references classic of great professionals that have laid the foundations of the good done in the world of design. Currently we have great professionals, inspired by movements and styles, are interested in working for and the customer but assuming principles and lines of work already predefined.