At some point we realized from face to face with different graphic pieces, designs, flyers, promos, billboards or ads that have made us to reflect and return to look with different eyes the visual and textual composition which was before us.

After this period, we decodefied the message of the graphic piece and, finally, it provoked us anger, humor, admiration, criticism or enthusiasm.

The process ended focusing our gaze on the closing area, signature or claim of the advertiser or brand that was behind the piece.

Creative outdoor advertising

source: brett jordan

The first objective of all of these advertising pieces or design it had been achieved. Initially they were designed to influence, encourage and provoke all that which we did not expect.

Barack Obama and Mahmud Ahmadineyad Billboard

source: Lee Maguire

The fact of to turn to the typical topic, to the everyday reality, to the prejudices, to common sense, to how we perceive the world and everything that surrounds it, etc. is a very resorted exercise by design studios, advertising agencies or departments of creativity. However, we find almost every day that “the advertising industry is more focused on the production and creation in mass and number of projects and much less to the brilliant elaboration of effective ideas to strengthen campaigns”.

Mobile outdoor advertising creative ads

source: Aaron Tait

Large number of professionals from different fields are those who dedicate part of her life, hours, days, or weeks, to generation process and obtain interesting and creative ideas.

Ads and creative designs

fuente: Jason Hargrove

From look at the world through different eyes, for example a child’s, till place things and objects from another angle, either comportarse like a drunk or a 79 year-old adult, draw out what is normally located inside, move to the beginning what is last, converting to large size is small and backward, the ugliness into beauty, etc may make it possible to begin to arise valuable examples of large advertising concepts.

External graphic creativity

source: brett jordan

If we isolate functions, internal and external values, features and added values, design, packaging, advantages, properties, etc. and define their opposites, it is possible we get along more of one surprise if we haven’t noticed his usual State.

Boecker public health

source: Brett Jordan

The main thing is, really, strong>have fun with everything that is in our power: ad campaign, messages of institutions, actions of design or UPS, ambient Marketing, viral campaigns, etc. All this can give us clues when working on great ideas so that they arrive in less than what we expect. Use sex, humor, double meanings, paradoxes, sarcasm, irony, imitations, exaggerations in the written and visual language can become one resource more than necessary in this way.

Advertising creativity Rome

source: gnuckx

From I try to increase the promise of settle in some moments in productivity and our pieces instead of periods of reflection, contemplation, action, reaction, etc. in such a way that the common continues to be an anecdote and unusual, at some point, to be the true hero of a campaign. “Turning tables in all. Ask yourself, why, why and why not. You are looking for answers. If they don’t exist, create them”.